ATU XV - Pangenetor

I am learning Thoth Tarot Deck symbolism by making my own drawings of cards. Here is ATU XV- The Pangenetor.
Main attributions of this card are:
Astrological - Capricorn Sign
Hebrew Letter - "ע" Ayin (the Eye)
The meaning of this card is quite complex. The Devil Card in the Thoth Tarot Deck is all about joy of manifestation. This is materialistic card, which symbolizes passionate play in the game we call "life". The Devil in the Thoth Tarot has no such extreme dark connotation as in many other sources because it is viewed as a necessary component of duality which is born at the same moment, when "the light" showed up. And, once again it is bound to the Capricorn sign due to it's materialistic, skeptical character and career oriented behavior (if you are playing game of life passionately, you are trying to "Win", that's not good good or bad, that's Devil).