ATU V - Hierophant

I am learning symbolism of Thoth Tarot Deck by making my own version of the cards. Here is Major Arcana V - Hierophant.
This card is all about uniting microcosm and macrocosm. This is depicted in his gesture meaning "As Above So Below" and his union of Pentagram (Microcosm) and Hexagram (Macrocosm). Hebrew letter which is attributed to this card, "Vav" means "Nail" and that is the reason for nine Nails on the window behind Hierophant. These are nine because of astrological connection of the Hierophant (Taurus) with Moon (Taurus exalts in Moon and Moon is Yesod sephira on the tree of life which corresponds to number 9). Sacred animals in the corners of the card are representing fixed Zodiacal cross and they are guardians of the Throne. Woman in the bottom of the card is for Venus cause Venus is ruling planet for Turus. The child in the pentagram represents New Eon. Child is dancing and he is ready for Great Play of Life which is waiting.